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How do I make my TV and Laptop both full screen when I connect them? KS

From Trevor:
For PC laptops do the following:
1. Connect PC to TV using RGB cable, have both switched on
2. On PC click right hand selector on mouse
3. Select "Graphic Properties"
4.Select "Display Setting"
5. On "Screen Resolution" select 1024x768 then click apply.

Now you should have full screen on both.

If you don't want to save it as part of the wordle clouds
Once you have created it you can use the snipping tool and save it to your desktop. It saves in your My Pictures.

Snipping tool is part of Accesories on a PC.

One Mac alternative to taking a screenshot is by using the following key combination, "command + shift + 4", this gives you a crosshair which you can drag across the image you want to save to the desktop.

Wow i have just visited room 1 Tokomaru's blog and have been greatly inspired!!!!!! I was looking at ways people have used Spelling City as i want to use it for my Wiki. What a fabulous Blog. It has given me something to aspire to this year and new motivation to create a better blog than last year. Thank you for sharing it with us Room 1