National Goal
Programme Professional Development activities
Measuring your success
What do we propose to do?
How much do we propose to do?
What resources do we need to carry out the programme?
What will you collect as evidence of success for each aspect of your implementation?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Lead Teacher Facilitator
Continue to coordinate Lead Teacher collaboration and Cluster Events.
0.4 FTTE allocation
Facilitator costs 0.4 FFTE + 1 unit @ $31,600
Administration expenses $100
Appraisal against the job description by the Management Committee
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cluster Wiki
Continue to enhance the use of the cluster wiki
Continue to develop the use of the existing cluster wiki:
  • Year-level group pages
  • Student leader pages
  • Milestone Reflection pages
  • Event & Celebration pages
All principals and LTs will contribute to wiki on regular basis.
Year-level groups will have their own pages to collaborate on ‘teacher inquiry’ into tools to enhance e-learning.
2, 3
Individual School Action Plans
LT Facilitator will meet with all LTs early in term one to map out implementation plan for year, to ensure cluster goals are achieved.
Management Committee will oversee progress.
All LTs, Cluster Director, and LT Facilitator.
Management Committee will meet once per term.
Lead teacher release 15 days @ $288
Travel expenses $1500
School Digital Learning strategic plans for 2012 will be posted on cluster wiki by 31 March 2012.
Each school will provide progress reports at each management meeting and on the cluster wiki.
1, 2, 3
Lead Teacher Meetings
LT Facilitator will plan LT meetings and professional development for the year, in liaison with the Director and Lead Teachers.
Once a term meetings (twice in term 2 & 3)
Lead teacher facilitator
Lead teachers
Project director
External Expertise, 8 days @ $500
  • LT programme for the year will detail meeting programme, planned PD opportunities and school visit programme.
1, 2, 3
Facilitator School Visits
LT Facilitator will visit schools several times over the year to liaise with principals and lead teachers.
LT Facilitator
School LT
Facilitator cost as above
Travel costs as above
  • Feedback from schools
  • Programmes in action
  • Increasing teacher and student confidence and competence.
2, 3,
In School Professional Learning Programmes
School Lead Teachers will provide staff professional development
Frequency and content determined by each school’s ICT strategic planning.
  • Increasing teacher confidence and competence.
  • Increasing evidence of student use of e-learning technologies
  • Presentations at cluster workshops and recorded on the cluster wiki.
2, 3
Cluster Mini Conference
Friday 15th June 2012
All cluster principals and teachers.
Mixture of keynote speakers and workshops.
Cost of keynote presenters -estimate $2000
Catering $1200
  • Positive feedback from participants via survey, linked on cluster wiki
  • Changes in teacher practice resulting from learning
2, 3
Development of Personal Learning Networks (PLN)
Ensure development of PLN for all teachers on the VLN and cluster wiki.
Each school will establish digital journalling systems for all teachers to record professional development, including the VLN and cluster wiki.
No cost.
  • Documented evidence of all teachers taking responsibility for their own PD and communicating with other teachers.
  • Changes in class programmes that result from this.
Management Committee Meetings
Minimum of one meeting per term.
Cluster principals
LT Facilitator
No cost
  • Efficient functioning of cluster.
  • Cluster goals achieved.
2, 3, 5
Intra-cluster Activities
Develop range of opportunities for teachers and children to interact and to share learning.
All cluster principals, teachers and children.
- whole cluster meetings
- age group meetings to develop common goals & to share progress
- after school workshops
- online collaboration
- student workshops
External ExpertiseAdministration expenses $200, including photocopying
  • Cluster teachers will have greater sense of group identity shown through ‘teacher inquiry’ projects.
  • Teachers and students will share learning.
  • Consistency of use of e-learning across schools at each age level.
  • Increased communication between schools - teachers and students.
1, 4
Communicating with Parents/Whanau/Community
- each school to seek ways to enhance this
All schools will promote online communication e.g.blogs, wikis or LMS.
School Community events to share learning.
No cost
  • School communities will be well informed about purposes and outcomes of e-learning.
  • Parents/whanau will have online access to students’ published work.
Contribute to VLN
Groups of teachers working at each age level (e.g. Junior school) will set joint goals and work to achieve these.
All teachers working in year level groups.
Lead Teachers
Lead Teacher Facilitator.
No cost
  • Each group will collate achievement in their ‘teacher inquiries’ against their goals and the ‘e-Learning Planning Framework’, and post this on the VLN.
Learning@School or uLearn Conference 2012
Principals and Facilitator
$1200 per attendee
  • Attendance at a Conference