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Room 21 (Year 1/2) Central Normal School. Here is a link to our class blog!
Room 21's Blog
I use Spelling City in my class as part of home/school learning.
You can manage individual students' weekly spelling lists in addition to high-frequency words etc (eg: Essential Lists)
Spelling City
Check out how we use it on our class blog:
Room 1 class blog - Tokomaru School

Awapuni School - Room 2 Raina Te Ture
There is a link available on my blog if you wish to view our new school blog. Please do as Stephen has worked extremely hard on it.

Ben McCarthy
This is a link to our class blog
This Wiki shows examples of learning at Hokowhitu School
This Wiki was part of my workshop presentation at Learning@school.

Don't forget to check out the reflections posted from Learning at School 2011

Writing and recording website Little Bird Tales - you can upload photos and/or create your own artwork on their site (using a similar programme to Paint), record your story and then email it to whoever you like!

Milestone 3 Reflections

Michael Boddy
This is a new website by the people who do the Kiwi Quiz - a great alternative to the 'Stuff' website for current events. Students can even become reporters. Check it our here:

Martin Vickerman
Explore Google Docs - Including Forms - can be used to collect information, record progress form projects, quizzes, tests etc - easy to make - single response - multiple choice, long answers, short answers, checkboxes. Responses can be viewed live in a spreadsheet, can be sorted for easy analysis. FREE!!!! Real books in many different languages (including 8 in Te Reo Maori :) ) Can search by age group, fiction/non fiction, genre and, if you sign up (for free) you can store favourites on your own "bookshelf".

Another FREE site Make flash card quizzes in various formats - can include pictures too. Owners can edit cards so kids can make theire own, have them trialled by a buddy and revised as necessary before making them public.

Fun quiz about chatroom safety - From a (British) site that is aimed at secondary level - but could be good for help us as teachers improve our own understanding, and have some fun at the same time.

Alana Tairea
This is a Maths website if you are looking for more maths activity.
More Maths activity