Cluster Teacher Meetings and Teacher Inquiries

Teacher Inquiries

This is the 3rd and final year of our ICTPD Contract. Over the last two years we have been trialling and implementing new ways of teaching and learning using ICT Tools to enhance our classroom programmes.

This year we are going to use the Teaching as Inquiry Model to guide and capture our reflections as we make decisions about what best helps facilitate learning in our students.


As part of the process this year we will meet with other teachers, who have students at a similar age level, at different stages of the Teacher Inquiry to share our ideas, our progress and our conclusions. These blended learningdiscussions will include a mixture of face-to-face year level meetings and digital conversations throughout the process.

We will also use the Virtual Learning Network to join interest groups that may help us to gain a wider understanding of our topic by reading what other educators are saying and asking questions to help clarify our own thoughts. A reflective summary of the Teacher Inquiries from each of the Junior, Middle and Senior levels will be added to VLN so that we are contributing to a growing online network of educators. This group is designed for those people who are getting started on the vln.

Teaching as Inquiry Presentation and Readings
- use this page from Te Apiti Cluster, courtesy of Lyn Ross, to develop and deepen your understanding of the Teaching as Inquiry Model.

Use the following templates (or your own school designed template) to help you plan and track your progress throughout your Teacher Inquiry (Used with permission by Lyn Ross):

Cluster Teacher Meetings

Our first Cluster-wide Year Group meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday 20 March, from 3:30 until 4:45.

There will be 3 different venues, based on the year levels you teach.

You will need to decide which level meeting to attend based on what best suits the age you teach, recognising that some teachers have multiple year levels within their own class. I have overlapped the year levels in order to cater for the variety of year level groupings.

Junior Team - Year 0-3 - Cloverlea School

Middle Team - Year 3-5 - Central Normal School

Senior Team - Year 5-8 - Hokowhitu School

Please click on the following links to book yourself into the first meeting when you have decided on your preliminary topic:
(You will need to be signed into the wiki, click the EDIT button to add your details and then click SAVE before leaving the page)

Junior Cluster Team Meeting

Middle Cluster Team Meeting

Senior Cluster Team Meeting

The following flyer outlines the structure of the meeting and includes some guiding questions based on the Lyn Ross template found further up this page: