Our Conference this year is based around the theme of 'Creativity'.

Please book your workshops by clicking on the following link:

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What you will need to bring:
  • Your own laptop or device - thank you to InspireNet for providing us with a wireless solution
  • Creative ideas and lots of questions for our experts!
  • Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Timetable for Conference 2012
Arrive at Central Normal from this time.
Collect your name tag and help yourself to a tea or coffee.
Set up computers for wireless during this time.
Welcome / Information
Ronald & Michael
Opening Keynote (50 mins)
'Looking back - understanding where we've come from and the impact of ICTs on our practice as educators'
Derek Wenmoth
Workshop One (50 mins, including time to try out and ask questions)
Derek Wenmoth, Stuart Hale, Lyn Ross, Kathy & Melissa
Morning Tea
Workshop Two (50 mins, including time to try out and ask questions)
Derek Wenmoth, Stuart Hale, Lyn Ross, Tara Fagan, & Ben McCarthy
Teaching as Inquiry Meetings (Cluster Teachers)
Discussion Time with workshop presenters (Visiting Teachers)
Lunch Time
Student Leaders Presentation - Digital Citizenship resources
Two students from each school
Workshop Three (50 mins, including time to try out and ask questions)
Derek Wenmoth, Stuart Hale, Lyn Ross, Tara Fagan, & Michael Boddy
Closing Keynote (50 mins)
'Looking forward - looking at some of the trends for the future, and implications for our practice as educators'
Derek Wenmoth
General Thanks / Prize Draw from online quiz

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Everyone who enters the quiz goes into spot prize draws throughout the day with a "Grand Prize" being drawn at 4.15pm. Last entries 4pm


We are very lucky to have the following presenters, who have a wealth of experience in eLearning:

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter:

Derek Wenmoth is currently the Director of eLearning CORE Education Ltd, a not-for-profit educational research and development organization based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
He has a broad background in education, with experience as a teacher and principal, and as principal lecturer at the Christchurch College of Education, manger of e-Learning at the Correspondence School. He has also worked as a senior policy analyst and adviser to the Ministry of Education where he was instrumental in formulating a national eLearning framework.
With a long-term interest in the way our engagement with new technologies is shaping our lives as educators and as learners, Derek has a wide, practical experience of exploring how this impacts on the nature of schools and schooling in the 21st century. He is a pioneer in the development of eLearning clusters in NZ, and was the originator of the Virtual Learning Network while at the Correspondence School. He is currently involved in the development of the Greater Christchurch School’s Network, a fibre-based school’s network in the Canterbury region.
In 2008 Derek was recognized as one of the George Lucas Education Foundation’s “Global Six”, awarded annually to educators “who are reshaping the future of education”. http://www.edutopia.org/derek-wenmoth
Derek is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, and maintains a regular blog where he shares his ideas and thinking across a range of related areas – http://blog.core-ed.org/derek

Guest Workshop Presenters:

Stuart Hale has a background in primary teaching and has specialised in ICT eLearning for the last 30 years. His experience and expertise includes:
• Lecturing in pre service for Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Special education for 7 years.
• District Adviser for ICT to schools for the Auckland area for 4 years
• Education Adviser to Apple Division of Renaissance in New Zealand for 14 years.
Stuart has now set up iEducator Ltd. to specialise in delivering eLearning Professional Development to New Zealand schools. During this time he has worked extensively with schools, staff and students to explore the full extent that ICT can be integrated in a Teaching and Learning environment that is centred on the needs of the learner throughout New Zealand schools.
In the last 4 years he has worked with schools as they introduce and develop mobile devices that students will use such as the iPod Touch and the iPad.
An area of personal interest Stuart has developed to work with schools is Photography - Developing both student and teachers workshops where the emphasis is Creativity and taking control of the camera to get the shot you want!
To date Stuart has worked with over 2000 teachers throughout New Zealand in hands on workshops exploring the creative application of todays ICT’s into the curriculum.

Lyn Ross is an educator with many years experience as a classroom teacher, ICT enthusiast and e-learning facilitator. During the past ten years she has worked with schools in five ICT Clusters and always enjoys sharing new ICT and teaching and learning ideas with motivated teachers and their students.

Tara Fagan works for CORE Education Ltd, in the role of Early Years Facilitator. Amongst other projects, Tara is the Area Facilitator of a number of clusters, including our own Town & Country ICTPD Cluster.
Tara first became involved in education through attending Playcentre with her children. This experience led to Tara taking further study in education. Tara's postgraduate research investigated the nature of children's social interactions in a mixed-age setting. Tara has a variety of educational interests including: the rights of children, children's interactions, ICT and 21st century pedagogy. She is currently working for CORE in the most perfect role for her, as it allows her to combine her love of ICT and education.